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    Vanguard Change Consulting LLC

    Transform to Achieve Breakthrough

  • Strategic Change Consulting

    Transformation fails not because leaders get the wrong content solution, but because they don’t know how to design their change process to get it implemented successfully.

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    Our speciality

    Our specialty is Strategic Change Consulting.

    We advise visionary CEO’s, C-suite executives, senior line leaders, project managers and internal change consultants on all aspects of the design and implementation of transformational change so it delivers breakthrough business and cultural results.

    What can we help you best with?

    Our expertise integrates personal and organization transformation.

    Specific Areas of Expertise:
    - Enterprise transformation
    - Transformational change strategy development and execution
    - Culture change
    - Building organizational change capability
    - Change methodology and tools
    - Change leadership development
    - Change Strategy Development
    - Change consultant development
    - Enterprise Change Disciplines
    - Leadership Alignment
    - Project Launch Strategy
    - Vision and Values
    - Case for Change
    - Change Governance
    - Stakeholder Engagement
    - Change Communications
    - Impact Analysis and Implementation Planning
    - Change Project Reviews
    - Breakthrough Consulting workshops
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    What Results and Impact can you expect from our work?

    Unleashing human performance. Transforming organizations. 
    Our consultants are experts in assisting you to design your change process so:
    - The optimal design solution gets created
    - Stakeholders are engaged early so they commit rather than resist the change
    - Implementation runs smoothly, including any needed course corrections
    - Required shifts in mindset, behavior and culture occur as part of the change
    - The design solution is adopted and sustained by all stakeholder groups
    - Intended ROI is achieved, on time and on budget
    - Change capability is developed as part of the process
    While most of our consulting is on enterprise or division-wide initiatives, we can help you customize our approaches to any magnitude of change, no matter what its focus.
  • Executive Coaching

    Integrates Individual AND Organizational Needs

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    Why Integral Coaching?

    “Integral” means comprehensive, whole, all-inclusive, complete.

    Integral Coaching® is recognized as the gold standard in human development. Based on the latest research and methodology from the best minds in the world, it is used to bring about transformational change that lasts.
    • What do you really want to accomplish right now?
    • What is limiting you from realizing your greatest potential?
    • What are the unique action steps that move you from ‘where you are’ to where you really want to be?

    These are some of the fundamental questions we help clients navigate in the pursuit of their fullest potential.


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    Why Us

    Benefits & qualifications

    We are Certified Integral Coaches™ with extensive business experience spanning a variety of industries and organizations. We will quickly help you get to the heart of the matter for sustainable change and transformation.
    Some of the Key Benefits Of Our Coaching
    • Enhanced ability to manage complex challenges with greater ease, balance, energy and focus
    • Expanded capacity for collaborative, engaging and inspiring leadership
    • Increased capacity for creativity & innovation
    • Ability to balance professional and personal life
    • Living on purpose; Increased Job Satisfaction
    Coaching & Business Qualifications:
    • Associate Certified Coach (International Coach Federation)
    • Associate Integral Coach (Integral Coaching Canada)
    • Certified in Brain-Based Coaching (Neuroleadership Institute)
    • LSI Accredited Practitioner (Human Synergistics)
    • Master degree in Industrial & Organizational Psychology (University of Liege - Belgium)
    • Master in Business Administration in Strategy and Marketing (HEC Montreal - Canada)
    • Change Management (Prosci/Being First - USA)
    Our head coach is Sandrine Provoost (see qualifications above), we team up with other outstanding Certified Integral Master Coaches with similar qualifications and credentials for larger engagement. Profile and CV's available on request.
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    We provide three different coaching focuses:

    We can customize a coaching plan to meet your specific needs

    • Executive Coaching: pursuing personal breakthroughs in mindset, emotional patterns and leadership behavior as it relates to increasing one’s impact as a leader

    • Strategic Change Coaching for Executives or Consultants: ongoing support in the strategic design and implementation of the complex change efforts they lead or support, balanced with self-awareness and personal development as it relates to their change role

    • 360 Life-Style Inventory (Human Synergistics): we incorporate the LSI into our Executive Coaching programs to provide self-description and 360 degree feedback from others which, in relation to an individual’s behavior, is an effective instrument in developing self-awareness as a leader and of the impact of those behaviors on others to support individual coaching, team building and organizational development​

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    Coaching Journey

    From Current Way to New Way of Being

    From "Where You Are" today...

    Seeing yourself in the Present -- Gain a comprehensive understanding of where you are as a leader right now … that is, you will see your ‘Current Way of Leading’ up to now (your patterns and blind spots).


    Your ‘Current Way of Leading’ is illuminated in a way that identifies what is working as well as what is no longer working and the capabilities that need to be developed for optimal performance.

    • What needs to be accomplished to realize your greatest leadership potential? What is limiting the realization of this potential?
    • What are the underlying reasons (current patterns, habits, etc.)
    • What are the biggest leverage points & unique path forward?
    To “Where You Need To Be”
    Realizing the Future – The path forward will leverage each leader’s strengths and address his/her unique developmental needs step-by-step with the help of a Certified Integral Coach™. Over time, the leader will build new capabilities (“muscles”) to lead in a ‘New Way’. The result is lasting powerful transformation.
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    What happens during coaching?

    Integral Coaching Approach

    • Clarify goals & objectives
    • Illuminate 'Current Way' of leading --‘blind spots’ and current patterns & habits that have kept you from realizing your highest potential
    • Offer of ‘New Way’ with uniquely crafted action steps for learning, reflection and performance
    • Thought-provoking conversations that raise awareness of limiting beliefs, insights & actions and guide/motivate you to perform and transform to your highest potential
    • Daily and weekly practices between sessions uniquely designed and customized to you to build and sustain your new capabilities to realize your coaching objective and leadership outcomes
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    Coaching Packages

    3 STEPS Coaching Approach: Pick your option for Step 2

    STEP 1: Introduction session (15-30min) - Cost: Free

    - We meet and see if there is a mutual fit.

    - You share your goals

    - I propose an approach

    - If there is a fit: we agree budget, i draft a contract and email it to you and we schedule the 1st coaching session


    STEP 2: Awareness Package (2 x 90mins) - Cost: $600

    This is a great way to get focused and get moving quickly towards a new level of performance without ongoing coaching support.

    You will gain a sharp look at what you really want to accomplish and the way you have been going about it up to now; what’s already working as well as what is no longer serving you. You will see new possibilities that generate energy and purposeful action and because we believe strongly that ‘insight’ is not enough to get to where you need to be, we will provide you with a leadership development program with specific goals and action steps to quickly start you moving towards a new level of performance.

    So you might say: “All of this in only two sessions?” Yes. And this is why Awareness comes with a 100% money back guarantee – because it has helped people change the course of their leadership and their life!



    - Enneagram Personality test (45min)

    - Intake session (90min)

    - Coaching Program Offer session (90min)



    - Enneagram Personality Test results and personalized report

    - Customized Coaching Program including your Goals, Development Objectives, Current & New Way of Being

    - Greater motivation and awareness to initiate change and make things happen


    STEP 2 (FOR LEADERS): Leadership Awareness 360 Package - Cost: $1200

    This package if for leaders and executives who want to achieve their personal and professional goals, get ready for their next role and sharpen their leadership skills. Typically they are looking to improve their executive presence, confidence, improve their leadership and relationships at work and want to play a bigger game.

    It is the same approach and content as Awareness with the addition of a powerful Leadership Styles Assessment tool, the 360 Life-Style Inventory (Human Synergistics) to provide self-description and 360 degree feedback from others (your colleagues, peers) which, in relation to your behavior, is an effective instrument in developing self-awareness as a leader. The results will help measure and monitor progress and impact made. The coaching program will integrate the new leadership profile that you would like to develop to. It is then measured again 12 months later to see the impact and visible results on your organization.



    - Enneagram Personality test (45min)

    - Intake session (90min)

    - Life-Style Inventory™ (LSI 1) assessment to help you get clear on your thinking leadership styles (30min)

    - Life-Style Inventory™ (LSI 2) assessment to help you get 360 degree feedback on your behavior leadership styles

    - Debrief Leadership Test results session (90mins)

    - Coaching Program & Development Plan Offer session (90min)



    - Enneagram Personality Test results and personalized report

    - Self-development guide from Human Synergistics

    - Crystal clear awareness of your leadership style, blind spots and detailed list of behavior you can work on improving going forward

    - Customized Coaching Program including your Goals, Development Objectives, Current & New Way of Being


    STEP 3: Transformation Package (60-90mins twice a month*): Cost: $600/month

    Leveraging and building up on all of the benefits and learnings of Awareness and Leadership Awareness, we execute your coaching program through coaching sessions that will support you in building the muscles necessary to sharpen your performance and take it to a new level.

    * Duration dependent on your challenge and time commitments – Note: you will be given the expected duration after initial consultation. However, we kept the program format flexible and you are free to stop anytime if you feel you no longer need coaching sessions.



    - Circle of Development Coaching sessions (60-90min)

    - Daily & Weekly practices & reflection questions (15-30min/day)

    - Completion session (60-90min)



    - Develop and adopt new healthy & mindful habits

    - Gain clarity, peace of mind, happiness, confidence

    - Reduce stress, anxiety, procrastination

    - Transform into your New Way of Being to be successful

    - Achieve self-set goals

    - Improve relationships with others


    Outcomes for leaders (Same as above plus the following):

    - Achieve and embody new leadership style, your new way of being/leading and impact is perceived in the organization through your actions and behaviors

    - Leadership effectiveness

    - Increased ability to cope with pressure and change


  • About US

    Meet our CEO

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    Sandrine Provoost, Founder & CEO

    Organizational Psychologist, Strategic Change Consultant and Executive coach

    Sandrine has over 18 years of project and change management experience with a focus on executing global strategic transformation projects across Europe, Asia and Americas.

    As an Organizational Psychologist, Strategic Change Consultant and Executive coach, Sandrine advices and coaches our clients to design and implement transformational change, deliver breakthrough results, increase organizational change capacity, and establish a high performing, co-creative corporate culture that unleashes human potential.

    Sandrine has worked with more than 20 of the Fortune 500 companies across more than 10 industries in 18 countries leading change impacting up to 50,000 people. Her industry experience includes retail, consumer goods, apparel, banking, financial services, transportation, advertising/media, steel industry and public sector.

    Sandrine holds a Master degree in Organizational Psychology (University of Liege - Belgium) and a Master in Business Administration in Strategy and Marketing (HEC Montreal - Canada). She is Associate Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation (Integral Coaching Canada/ Neuroleadership Institute). She has also studied both Project Management (Boston University - USA) and Change Management (Prosci/Being First - USA).

  • Why choose us?


    We can help you ensure successful change, project after project.


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    Project Portfolio

    We are specialist in managing complex global and regional transformation and change programmes.

    We maintain a relentless focus on outcomes beyond cost reduction, with a proven track record of results—including:

    • Global Business Transformation (HR, Sales, Finance, IT functions)
    • New technology adoption
    • Process improvement
    • Organization design
    • Employees and stakeholders engagement and communication
    • Offshoring program
    • Build Change Capability
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    Industries & clients served

    80% of our clients are Fortune Global 500 companies. We are helping the world's best organisations lead change & transformation across borders.

    Consumer Goods:

    • Mondelez International
    • Anheuser-Busch InBev
    • PVH
    • Calvin Klein
    • Estee Lauder
    • Boston Beer Company
    • Crocs
    • PaperSource

    Media/ Advertising:

    • WPP
    • Publicis
    • Hall & Partners

    Finance/Bank/ Insurance:

    • BNP Paribas Fortis
    • ING Group
    • ING Direct
    • AIG
    • ANZ


    • Bombardier Transportation


    • ArcelorMittal
  • Let's connect

    Let's connect, ask a question, get a free quote or visit our New York office in Midtown.

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  • Contact Us

    Vanguard Change Consulting, LLC
    1177 Avenue of the Americas, 7th Floor
    New York, NY 10036
    phone: +1 (646) 494-6090
    email: info@vanguardchangeconsulting.com