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    Transform to Achieve Breakthrough

  • Strategic Change Consulting

    Transformation fails not because leaders get the wrong content solution, but because they don’t know how to design their change process to get it implemented successfully.

    Our speciality

    Our specialty is Strategic Change Consulting.

    We advise visionary CEO’s, C-suite executives, senior line leaders, project managers and internal change consultants on all aspects of the design and implementation of transformational change so it delivers breakthrough business and cultural results.

    What can we help you best with?

    Our expertise integrates personal and organization transformation.

    Specific Areas of Expertise:
    - Enterprise transformation
    - Transformational change strategy development and execution
    - Culture change
    - Building organizational change capability
    - Change methodology and tools
    - Change leadership development
    - Change Strategy Development
    - Change consultant development
    - Enterprise Change Disciplines
    - Leadership Alignment
    - Project Launch Strategy
    - Vision and Values
    - Case for Change
    - Change Governance
    - Stakeholder Engagement
    - Change Communications
    - Impact Analysis and Implementation Planning
    - Change Project Reviews
    - Breakthrough Consulting workshops

    What Results and Impact can you expect from our work?

    Unleashing human performance. Transforming organizations. 
    Our consultants are experts in assisting you to design your change process so:
    - The optimal design solution gets created
    - Stakeholders are engaged early so they commit rather than resist the change
    - Implementation runs smoothly, including any needed course corrections
    - Required shifts in mindset, behavior and culture occur as part of the change
    - The design solution is adopted and sustained by all stakeholder groups
    - Intended ROI is achieved, on time and on budget
    - Change capability is developed as part of the process
    While most of our consulting is on enterprise or division-wide initiatives, we can help you customize our approaches to any magnitude of change, no matter what its focus.
  • Executive Coaching

    Only 20% of leaders and teams are equipped to handle the complex challenges of the 21st Century business environment.​

    What to do?

    4 out of 5 leaders—including senior executives—are not contributing optimally to your current and future success.

    You can’t simply replace them. It’s too costly, and, 80% of your prospective new hires will be equally ill-equipped to solve your complex strategic challenges. The only answer is to develop your leaders, not just horizontally, but vertically.

    “breakthrough oriented, inside out” approach

    In all our coaching, we take a “breakthrough oriented, inside out” approach.

    We start with helping our clients identify the breakthrough they are after, and then work with them to peel back the layers of their awareness to discover what inside them needs changing to achieve that breakthrough. We work at the level of behavior and skill, but always as part of a deeper inquiry into the transformation of mindset, belief and emotional patterns required to make and sustain the desired behavior change.

    We provide three different coaching focuses:

    We can customize a coaching plan to meet your specific needs

    • Executive Coaching: pursuing personal breakthroughs in mindset, emotional patterns and leadership behavior as it relates to increasing one’s impact as a leader

    • Strategic Change Coaching for Executives or Consultants: ongoing support in the strategic design and implementation of the complex change efforts they lead or support, balanced with self-awareness and personal development as it relates to their change role

    • 360 Life-Style Inventory (Human Synergistics): we incorporate the LSI into our Executive Coaching programs to provide self-description and 360 degree feedback from others which, in relation to an individual’s behaviour, is an effective instrument in developing self-awareness as a leader and of the impact of those behaviours on others to support individual coaching, team building and organisational development​


    What is Coaching?

    Coaching unleashes your ability to live up to your potential – for achievement, fulfillment, and service to others.

    Coaching is a unique and powerful partnership that helps you create major positive change by improving your thinking. People use coaching to improve their performance, reach their potential, and enhance their quality of life, both personally and professionally. Our coaches are guides trained to listen, observe, and create the right environment to help you generate insights and solutions. We provide support to help you discover, connect to, and leverage the strengths, resources, and creativity you already have. We ask the right questions to help you into the driver's seat, choose the right route to your goals, and keep yourself moving forward, constantly closing the distance between where you are and where you want to be. Coaches believe in your potential and are 100% committed to your results.The coaching partnership helps you discover and work on what really matters, maintaining focus and forward motion until you achieve your goals. Along the way, you gain insights and create new habits that produce lasting positive changes.

    What happens in Coaching?

    6 steps to achieve breakthrough:

    • Identify and clarify objectives and priorities.
    • Design specific, measurable, inspiring, challenging, but realistic goals.
    • Build strategies and plans for achieving your goals, step-by-step.
    • Set ongoing focused actions that you commit to completing by next session.
    • Monitor progress and apply your insights and learning to fine tune your strategies and actions.
    • Celebrate success!

    Why Coaching?

    Coaching can assist in the development of:

    • leadership effectiveness
    • increased ability to cope with pressure and change
    • achievement of self-set goals
    • flexible and creative thinking
    • improved relationships with others
    • greater motivation to initiate change and make things happen
  • Why choose us?


    We can help you ensure successful change, project after project.


    Project Portfolio

    We are specialist in managing complex global and regional transformation and change programmes.

    We maintain a relentless focus on outcomes beyond cost reduction, with a proven track record of results—including:

    • Global Business Transformation (HR, Sales, Finance, IT functions)
    • New technology adoption
    • Process improvement
    • Organization design
    • Employees and stakeholders engagement and communication
    • Offshoring program
    • Build Change Capability

    Industries & clients served

    80% of our clients are Fortune Global 500 companies. We are helping the world's best organisations lead change & transformation across borders.

    Consumer Goods:

    • Mondelez International
    • Anheuser-Busch InBev
    • PVH
    • Calvin Klein
    • Estee Lauder
    • Boston Beer Company
    • PaperSource

    Media/ Advertising:

    • WPP
    • Publicis
    • Hall & Partners

    Finance/Bank/ Insurance:

    • BNP Paribas Fortis
    • ING Group
    • ING Direct
    • AIG
    • ANZ


    • Bombardier Transportation


    • ArcelorMittal
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